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Fashion against fur

What is Fashion against Fur?

Working with the animal rights organization NOAH – for animal rights, we hope to get all of our animal loving colleagues in the fashion industry together for a common cause with a simple message: The Norwegian fashion community says no to fur!

With this initiative we want to send a clear message that we are against fur – whether under the unworthy conditions onthe fur-farm, on the clothes hanger, on the catwalk, at a celebrity-party or in a fashion magazine. Behind Fashion against Fur stand clothing designer Fam Irvoll, fashion journalist and editor Hilde Marstrander and designer and stylist Kjell Nordström.

We believe that a group consisting of representatives from the fashion industry who speaks out agianst fur, can make a difference and send an important message to the audience, press and politicians that “fur” and “fashion” do no longer go belong together.

Do you work as a clothing designer, fabric designer, product developer, editor, stylist, makeup artist, photographer, model, shop-owner, agent or anything else inside the fashion industry, we want to welcome you to Norway’s first fashion-industry based group against fur.

Hilde Marstrander: Fashion journalist / editor
Kjell Nordström: Designer / stylist
Fam Irvoll: Designer
NOAH – for animal rights: Norway’s biggest animal rights organization, founded in 1989.
www.dyrsrettigheter.no and www.PelsUT.no

You may contact Fashion Against Fur by sending an email to presse@dyrsrettigheter.no.